Ed Silvoso

Ed Silvoso, Founder and President of Harvest Evangelism, with a staff of over 50 people in five continents- is widely recognized as a missions strategist and solid Bible teacher who specializes in evangelism, city and nation reaching, marketplace transformation and gender reconciliation. Jack Hayford has said that “Ed Silvoso is on the clearest, most coherent, thoroughly biblical thinks we have today,” and Zig Ziglar has stated that “Ed Silvoso’s clear-cut message could be the catalyst that propels America into a first-century type of revival.”


Changing the Spiritual Climate in the Marketplace

Ed speaks about intimacy and relationship being the passion we need for God. To gain an authority within the marketplace, we also have to have relationship within the areas of government, education, the arts, etc., in order to see change. Ed also teaches about dislodging the enemy and opening the blind eyes of a city by changing the spiritual climate. Kingdom Economics is coming together to walk in authority and fight against the enemy for our position to release the kingdom of God in the marketplace.You will be blessed and encouraged as you watch this series from the best of our archives.

Instructor:  Ed Silvoso
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