Book of Hebrews

Instructor:  Bob Mumford
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About the Course

Book of Hebrews
The writer of Hebrews was addressing a group of Christians who left Judaism and embraced Christ. These believers faced exceedingly severe opposition due to some having seen the reality of Christ and His Kingdom while most diligently sought to remain true to Moses. In spite of the political, cultural, and family pressures that were trying to force these Christians back into Judaism, the writer of the book of Hebrews knew that God did not live there anymore. Little did they know that God the Father had moved into a new house, forcing everyone to acknowledge that He had, indeed, changed His address! Consequently, he was encouraging them to stand firm as believers in the Person of Jesus Christ. Bob teaches us how to move toward spiritual maturity, avoid going back over the line to Moses’ law and become a Kingdom receiver. You will be blessed and encouraged as you watch this series from the best of our archives.


Bob Mumford
bob mumford
Through fifty years of ministry, many thousands of believers worldwide have attributed their spiritual growth and an understanding of the kingdom of God to Bob Mumford's teachings. In 1973, Bob founded Lifechangers to distribute solid kingdom teaching materials in the nations. After sixteen years as a missionary and pastor, Bob's ...