Bob Jones: Releasing The Eagles

Instructor:  Bob Jones
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About the Course

Bob Jones: Releasing The Eagles

Bob Jones never wrote a book. He never pastored a church. Yet the prophetic ministry of Bob Jones impacted multitudes. This teaching is a mixture of both audio and video which includes Bob Jones talking about his life, speaking on Releasing the Eagles, prophetic interviews with those impacted by him.Paul Keith Davis, who describes Bob as a "mercy and grace prophet, who activated and stirred up revelatory giftings in others and also retells the prophecy of the 40 year corporate discipline. You will be blessed and encouraged with this powerful class from our archives.


Bob Jones
Bob Jones
Bob Jones is a contemporary prophet with a great love for the Lord Jesus and His truth. His prophecies have spanned over three decades as the Lord has enabled him to foretell earthquakes, tidal waves, comets, and weather patterns. Like Daniel who functioned at an incredible level, Bob has often ...